Elevate Your Alpine Experience with Breakfast at Frööd Restaurant

Frööd Restaurant Brandnertal Austria

While the boys devoured Nutella crepes and hot chocolate prepared with milk from local dairy farmers, my husband and I sipped Prosecco and worked through the substantial Delightful Breakfast for Two. Temporary distractions from the 2,000+ m mountain peaks surrounding our breakfast table at Frööd Restaurant in Austria’s Vorarlberg province.

Breakfast at Frööd Restaurant Nutella crepes

Located at 1680 m, the views and regionally-inspired cuisine at Frööd Restaurant provide summer hikers with a delightful (and decadent) start to a day in the alpine.

Bar Breakfast at Frööd Restaurant

Breakfast at Frööd Restaurant

Breakfast offerings at Frööd Restaurant include combinations like our Delightful Breakfast for Two with Prosecco, orange juice, cappuccinos, assorted breakfast meats, cheese, smoked salmon, eggs, and pastries. Or you can order individual menu items, i.e., crepes, scrambled eggs, muesli, etc.

Frööd Restaurant Delightful breakfast for two

Explore the Natursprünge Trail After Breakfast at Frööd Restaurant

After indulging in breakfast at Frööd Restaurant, the nearby Natursprünge trail provides ample opportunity to expend some energy.

gravel natursprunge trail Frööd Restaurant

Eleven interactive learning stations located along the 4 km Natursprünge trail cover the Brandnertal region’s ecology including the forest, water, and insects. Experience a miniature rock slide, learn about mountain weather, and test your knowledge of the alpine environment. It is an exceptional  experience. The boys were racing along the Natursprünge trail to find the next learning station.

breakfast at Frööd Restaurant Natursprunge trail

How to Get to Frööd Restaurant

Begin in Brand, a charming mountain village in Vorarlberg, Austria’s westernmost province. From here, ride the central Dorfbahn cable car to the Panoramabahn aerial tramway station. Then take the Panoramabahn aerial tram up to the mountain station. From here, follow a short trail to breakfast at Frööd Restaurant.

Panoramabahn aerial tramway breakfast at Frööd Restaurant

For more of a challenge, you can the skip aerial tram, and hike to Frööd Restaurant via the Natursprünge trail. The hike up to Frööd Restaurant will take about two hours. If you have young children, you can rent wagons (with blankets) for use on the trail (and in the tram) after you exit the Dorfbahn cable car.

Wagons Panoramabahn brandnertal breakfast at Frood restaurant

After dining at Frööd Restaurant, follow the Natursprünge trail back to the cable car and ride back to the Brand.

Good to Know – Breakfast at Frööd Restaurant

  • Breakfast is available from 8:30-10:00 am. The restaurant is open throughout the day. Be sure to check the Frööd Restaurant website before you plan your visit. Children up to 5 years eat for free.
  • Choose to dine on Frööd Restaurant’s expansive outdoor terrace or inside the light-filled dining area. Both options provide spectacular views of the Brandernatal region in Vorarlberg, Austria.
  • A Brandnertal Card, offering free or reduced prices on recreational activities and local transportation, is available at hotels in Brand, Austria. Learn more about the Brandnertal Card at the tourist office (Mühledörfle 71, Brand, Austria) or online.
  • Frööd Restaurant holds the AMA Gastrosiegel “Vorarlberg” certification awarded for using local products.

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Our visit to Vorarlberg, Austria was in collaboration with the Vorarlberg Tourist Board. As always, if I don’t enjoy a destination or experience, I won’t recommend it.

11 thoughts on “Elevate Your Alpine Experience with Breakfast at Frööd Restaurant”

  1. What a beautiful venue for a restaurant. The selection of breakfast food sounds amazing especially after a hike up the trail.
    Having wagons with a blanket would be perfect for little ones❤️.

  2. How could you not be so distracted having this stunning view? I could simply sit all day and just stare at this! But activities are also waiting! Austria is near Germany! Moving to Munich next year and I already told my partner that I want to go here, told him about Vorarlberg, Austria but at first, he didn’t understand me so I had to write it down. And then he said oh yes it’s near, let’s go! Now I’m more excited! I also love the crepes! Sweets always get me!

  3. I am a huge fan of breakfast and mountains, so when you combine them I am immediately interested! Our kids would also be racing to the learning stations. It is great that you can take the tram and hike up to the restaurant. I really want to visit Austria now, thanks for the great article.

  4. Wow, a restaurant with a nature trail in it. I quite like the idea of a breakfast restaurant where you can engage in activities like soaking in nature. I assume they would be crowded on weekends. Do they get more tourists or more locals?

  5. I’m not going lie – I would give my life for Nutella crepes 😀 Frööd Restaurant in Austria’s Vorarlberg province sounds like an incredible spot for breakfast. The views are just incredible, and it’s awesome that you can finish eating and jump straight to the Natursprünge trail. Thanks for the tip on the Brandnertal Card 🙂

  6. I love such food trails, it takes you to a different level of travel ecstasy! Those crepes look so perfect and nutella on them – you are blessed souls to have them! Thanks for the comforting pictures.

  7. The Frööd Restaurant seems to serve some heavenly breakfast. When I say heavenly I am alluding to more than the food. Breakfasting in the morning with such panoramic views on the terrace of the restaurant mus t be nothing short of gastronomic Nirvana of sorts. We love such restaurants where the simple act of eating assumes divine proportions.

  8. Austria looks lovely and I love a breakfast with a view. I’d have a hard time choosing between the adult breakfast or the kids nutella crepes and hot chocolate. That sound incredible.

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