Hiking in Zermatt

Family Hiking Zermatt - Zum See is a great destination

We love to be active when we travel and one of our favourite family destinations for hiking, sightseeing and eating is Zermatt, Switzerland. When you visit Zermatt, be sure to include these two hikes for the stunning scenery and delicious restaurants along the way.

Zermatt to Findeln

The first hike is from Zermatt to Findeln. It is possible to take an underground funicular from Zermatt to Sunnegga Paradise and hike down to Findeln, but we prefer to hike up especially when we are heading to Chez Vrony. Chez Vrony is located at 2,100 m with stunning views of the Matterhorn. The outdoor terrace with Matterhorn views entice a stop, and the food and drinks make it easy to hang around and plan a return trip. Seriously, we will hike all day if the destination is Chez Vrony.

Chez Vrony is a great family hiking destination above Zermatt

Family hiking in Zermatt and Lunch at Chez Vrony

A family hike to Chez Vrony, above Zermatt, for a delicious cheese fondue.
Yummy cheese fondue at Chez Vrony.

Zum See

The next delicious destination is Zum See, located below the chairlift between Zermatt and Furi. It is possible to hike up to Zum See or take the chairlift to Furi and hike down. While Chez Vrony was a cheese fondue, beer and antipasti stop for us; Zum See was more about wine and dessert – at least for the adults.

Restaurant Zum See recommended stop Zermatt Switzerland.
Restaurant Zum See is a recommended stop if you are hiking or skiing near Zermatt.
Family hiking Zermatt includes a stop for delicious dessert at Zum See
Delicious desserts at Restaurant Zum See.



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