Park Hyatt Zurich – Beauty, Brain and Mood Food

Park Hyatt Zurich Lobby Lounge chairs, tables and large fireplace

Why I Love the Beauty, Brain and Mood Food Menu at the Park Hyatt Zurich.

While planning our summer vacation, I read about the exciting new Park Hyatt Zurich restaurant menu designed to support beauty, mood, and the brain, and I knew I had to try it.

Park Hyatt Zurich Lobby Lounge chairs, tables and large fireplace

Our diet is based on fresh, local and organic foods when we are at home, but it can be difficult to maintain our healthy eating habits when we travel. The special menu developed by Park Hyatt Zurich Executive Chef Frank Widmer and his team, along with food engineer, nutritionist, and author Marianne Botta sounded like the perfect solution to our healthy eating while traveling challenge.

The Park Hyatt Zurich restaurant menu is broken down into three sections – Beauty, Mood, and Brain and includes a detailed description of the benefits associated with each menu item. The aim of the beauty food is to enhance your youthful appearance, while the mood food is designed to provide a calming or uplifting effect, and the brain food is intended to increase focus and reduce tiredness.

I was interested to read that the brain and beauty food selections contain a limited amount of carbohydrates, with wheat flour and sugar used in minimum quantities, if at all. The mood food items contain more carbohydrates along with the amino acid tryptophan because these foods can help a body to relax.

Travel takes a toll regardless of your age and after flying 8400 km to Zurich, I was counting on the beauty food to give me a much-needed boost! I selected herb poached salmon with vegetable spaghetti and tomato sugo intended to, “Treat you with antioxidants like beta-carotene, polyphenol, vitamin C and E as well as trace elements like selenium and zinc”.

The rest of the family focused on mood food. While I was enjoying my youth-enhancing meal, our oldest child devoured a rigatoni pasta dish purported to promote a relaxing sleep among other things. After oodles of travel and a 9-hour time change, I was hoping the mood food noodle dish would work some magic.

Rigatoni pasta with vegetables a Park Hyatt Zurich

Our youngest child ordered a delicious marinated buffalo mozzarella and cherry tomato salad with basil. I was interested to read that “Mozzarella provides calcium which is important for the function of nerve and muscle tissue”.

Buffalo mozzarella and cherry tomato salad with basil

My husband was pleased with his selection of pike perch fillet with potato-leek ragout and pan-fried chorizo. The menu indicated that “A lack of omega-3 fatty acids leads to serotonin shortage which has a negative mood effect”. Tortellini with Cream Sauce and Ham I was hoping his mood would remain pleasant for at least a few days will we shopped along the famous Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich!


Our first few days in Europe are often difficult due to the time change and distance traveled. Although everyone is tired, quality evening sleep is elusive, and one or both children are often awake by 4 a.m. After the delicious evening meal in the Lobby Lounge at the Park Hyatt Zurich, the children slept through the night. I couldn’t believe it. I think it was the mood food and hope to test my theory a few more times – just to be sure! There are so many reasons to visit Zurich and the fabulous Park Hyatt hotel, and now I have another one. I love the tasty and healthy Beauty, Brain and Mood Food Menu. I won’t say I looked any younger the next morning, but I felt great.

If “you are what you eat”, then the Park Hyatt Zurich makes it easy to be your best.

Travel Tip:

  • The Park Hyatt Zurich is a luxury retreat located in the center of Zurich’s financial district and close to world-class shopping, cultural attractions, and beautiful Lake Zurich.
  • The Beauty, Brain and Mood Food Menu is available in the chic Lobby Lounge and through in-room dining.

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  1. Really clever. I’d love to order from a menu like that. We overdo it in the eating and drinking department when we travel so a break from it is always appreciated.

    1. LuxeTravelFamily

      I think so too! I hope we see more hotels embracing this concept. I love that the Beauty, Mood and Brain Food Menu is available through in-room dining.

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