Helpful Ways to Use a Skyroam WiFi Hotspot During Lockdown

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We rely on our Skyroam WiFi hotspot when we travel because it’s economical, flexible, and is easy to use. You can learn more about these and the additional benefits of using Skyroam when you travel in this post. Unfortunately, we aren’t traveling further than the local grocery store during the global pandemic, but I’ve discovered additional ways for our family to use our Skyroam WiFi hotspot during the lockdown.

Use Skyroam to Support Online Learning

During the pandemic, my kids attend virtual school during the week, and my husband and I are working from home. With Zoom calls and Google Meet sessions, our home internet service becomes overwhelmed. When this happens, I activate a Skyroam Global Daypass for our Skyroam Solis device and establish an additional WiFi source for up to ten devices. 

For online learners or others requiring daily WiFi support, Skyroam offers 30-day unlimited plans. You can learn about the selection of Skyroam WiFi options at the end of this post. 

Skyroam WiFi Support for Virtual Travel Experiences

We are excited to travel again and hope to return to Italy. In the meantime, we’ve been enjoying virtual travel experiences. A favourite is an online pasta making class with Roberto and Denyse in Rome. This couple, who work with Stream Workouts With a Skyroam WiFi Hotspot

With schools online and gyms closed, our one-time garage is now a family workout space. My kids use the home gym to participate in virtual dryland swim training and online PE classes. Our Skyroam Solis WiFi Hotspot supports these online workouts. 

Skyroam WiFi Service Options

Skyroam offers pay-as-you-go and subscription WiFi plans, along with global and local options. All subscriptions have no contracts and no cancellation fees. Visit the Skyroam website to purchase the Skyroam WiFi hotspot, compare prices for each of the service options outlined below, and purchase WiFi service. Type Luxe Travel Family into the discount code box at checkout and receive a 10% discount on all Skyroam products.

  • Unlimited Global Daypasses provide 24 hrs of WiFi. These can be purchased and activated anytime through the Skyroam Solis WiFi App.
  • Unlimited Subscription (available in either global or USA plans), offers 30 days of unlimited WiFi (up to 20GBs high-speed data and slower after this level is reached). The data speed resets at the beginning of the next 30-day period.  
  • GoData Pay-Per-GB subscription is available for Global, USA, Europe, or Asia, offering 1 GB of high-speed data and top-up more GBs as required. 

Disclosure: I’m sharing a sponsored post with you, I have an affiliate account with Skyroam. I earn a small commission on any purchases made using the Luxe Travel Family discount code. And you receive 10% off. As always, if I don’t use and love a product, I won’t recommend it to you. 

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  1. Great to learn all about this global service. Being part of an Italian cooking class would be so much fun❤️

    1. LuxeTravelFamily

      I’m glad you found this helpful! Home internet is definitely feeling the strain during the lockdown.

    1. LuxeTravelFamily

      You are so welcome! Please reach out if you have any questions. We’ve been using Skyroam for a few years.

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