Discover Why We Love Travelling with a Skyroam WiFi Hotspot

Skyroam WiFi Hotspot Solis X Japan

We often purchase data packages for our cellular phones when we travel — this is expensive  (e.g., $12/per day per person to access our  Canadian rate plan’s minutes, rates, and data). So we’ve started supplementing our cellular data plans with a Skyroam WiFi hotspot.

The new Skyroam Solis is capable of providing WiFi and unlimited data to ten devices for $9/day or less. Affordability isn’t the only reason we use Skyroam. Here are five reasons why we love travelling with our Skyroam WiFi hotspot.

Five Reasons We Love Travelling With a Skyroam WiFi Hotspot

1. Cost-Effective

As I mentioned, data packages can be expensive. With the Skyroam Solis X WiFi hotspot, you can connect up to ten devices for a flat fee of $9/day in 130+ countries. There are different WiFi plans available. For example, you can choose to purchase a month of unlimited global connectivity for $99/month.

2. Convenience

If you can pick-up a signal, you will have access to WiFi with a push of a button – at the airport, in the car, on the train, at the hotel, and on the hiking trail. There is no need to figure out passwords, log onto new networks, or hunt around for a decent WiFi signal when you have a Skyroam hotspot. Plus there is WiFi service in 130+ countries.

3. Safety

We spend a lot of time hiking and biking when we travel. It is reassuring to know that up to ten devices are available for use when we use our Skyroam Solis.

4. Security

Free WiFi in hotels, airports, and cafes isn’t secure. The Skyroam Solis hotspot is password protected, so your data is safe.

5. Social Media Sharing

With Instagram and other live-sharing platforms, you want to be connected to reach your followers, friends, and family. The Skyroam Solis X WiFi hotspot makes staying connected easy.

Travel Tips – Skyroam WiFi Hotspot

  • Visit the Skyroam website to learn more about the Skyroam Solis X and order your personal hotspot – enter code Luxe Travel Family for a 10% discount.

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 I have an affiliate account with Skyroam and earn a small commission on any purchases made using the Luxe Travel Family coupon code. 

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