Discover Treasures on the Bregenzerwald Cheese Road

Cheese lunch Bregenzerwald Cheese Road

In the Bregenzerwald region of Vorarlberg, Austria, silvery-brown cows graze in flower-filled alpine pastures. Alpine dairies dot fragrant mountain meadows, and inside traditional farmhouses, wooden-shoed families devote their summer to the production of Bregenzerwald alpine cheese – one of the treasures from the Bregenzerwald Cheese Road.

Dairy cows Bregenzerwald Cheese Road

Not a route you will find on Google Maps, the Bregenzerwald Cheese Road (Bregenzerwald KäseStrasse) is an alliance of over 180 farmers, alps (high-altitude pastures), alpine dairies, cheesemakers, restaurants, and tourism operators passionate about preserving local traditions and producing exceptional cheese.

flavoured cheese Bregenzerwald Cheese Road

To help you plan your journey along the Bregenzerwald Cheese Road, here are some highlights from a recent visit to the region.

Hike to an Alpine Dairy in Bregenzerwald

During the summer months, you can walk through lush mountain pastures to an alpine dairy, like Alpe Wildmoos, where aromatic silo-free milk is processed into handmade products using traditional methods.

Silo-free milk (heumilch), is a rare commodity because less than 3% of the milk produced in the European Union is silo-free. The cows that produce this high-quality milk graze on fresh grass and herbs between May and October. During the winter months, the cows eat air-dried hay from valley meadows. This exclusive gourmet diet produces the finest milk for the production of Bregenzerwald cheese.

Cheese cellar Bregenzerwald Cheese Road

If you visit the Alpe Wildmoos dairy, be sure to stop at the farmhouse cafe to sample the many culinary treasures from the alpine dairy and kitchen. Plan to taste as many of the cheeses as possible, and keep an eye out for a local delicacy known as Sig. This caramel coloured gem is also known as Bregenzerwald chocolate.

Cheese lunch Bregenzerwald Cheese Road

Stop at the Käsekeller in Lingenau

Bregenzerwald’s Käsekeller (cheese cellar) is home to over 32,000 wheels of maturing alpine cheese. Here you can look through a glass wall at a robot working in the automated cheese cellar, learn about the maturation and storage of alpine cheese, taste different types of Bregenzerwald cheese, and purchase cheese and other local products.

If you aren’t able to visit an alpine dairy, the Käsekeller is an excellent place to taste and buy Bregenzerwald cheese.

Collaboration Along the Bregenzerwald Cheese Road

There are more treasures to be discovered along the Bregenzerwald Cheese Road, including the power of collaboration. With an eye to the future and a foot in the past, the Bregenzerwald Cheese Road is ensuring the sustainable production of the highest quality dairy products, while preserving the region’s rich culture. As Helen Keller once said, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much”.

The Bregenzerwald region of Vorarlberg, Austria is a destination for connoisseurs who love the good things in life. And, I’m sure you will agree, cheese is one of life’s good things.

Travel Tips

  • Vorarlberg, Austria borders on Switzerland, Germany and the Principality of Liechtenstein making it an accessible destination from many countries. Vorarlberg extends approximately 100 km from north to south and contains six diverse and delightful regions, including Bregenzerwald. Visit the Vorarlberg Tourism website for more information.
  • Alpe Wildmoos, located at the foot of the Winterstaude (1400 m), is one of approximately 90 alpine dairies in Bregenzerwald. To access Alpe Wildmoos, take the Baumgarten cable car from Bezau and hike along a gentle trail for about 45 minutes.
  • Bregenzerwald’s Käsekeller (cheese cellar) is located at Zeihenbühl 423, A-6951 Lingenau, Austria.
  • If time permits, plan to visit the Alpine Dairy Farming Museum in Hittisau, where you can see a 300-year-old dairy kitchen and learn about cheese-making and milk processing. Visit the Bregenzerwald Tourism website for more information about the region and the many treasures along the Bregenzerwald Cheese Road.
  • Members of the Bregenzerwald Cheese Road display the KäseStrasse logo so be sure to look for this logo (see below) when you visit Bregenzerwald.

KaseStrasse logo Bregenzerwald Cheese Road

Have you ever visited an alpine dairy and sampled artisanal cheese? If not, would you like to? For me, it was similar to visiting a winery, and I loved the experience.

Our recent visit to Vorarlberg, Austria was in collaboration with the Vorarlberg State Tourist Board. As always, if I don’t enjoy a destination or experience, I won’t recommend it.

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  1. This to me simply sounds like heaven… Road trip and cheese… I can’t ask for a lot more than this! The landscapes look pretty amazing and those cheese absolutely delicious! And the Bregenzerwald chocolate… really curious to know what that might taste like!

  2. You had me at Cheeseroad. I would definitely visit here and then attempt to eat cheese from all 180 places myself. I would definitely need to do some hiking afterwards though. lol

  3. Cheese is one of my favorite things ever, so this is right up my alley. I love seeing how things are made–we’ve never visited a spot like this, but we checked out a Parmigiano-Reggiano facility in Italy which was really fun. We are heading to Austria later this year, so I’m definitely going to have to check some of these spots out!

  4. A cheese road?? This might be one of the best things I’ve heard about today. Will definitely keep it in mind next time we are in Austria. Wow!

  5. This about did me in, oh the cheese!!!!!! i would love this, I was born for this trip! Gorgeous scenery too, not a bad place for some cheese eating and wine drinking!

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