What It’s Like to Charter a Boat in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza

Charter a boat in Santa Eulalia visit Portinatx lighthouse

While wandering the streets is an excellent way to experience a new destination, on an island, you can also go out on the water.

On Ibiza, one of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, we had the opportunity to charter a boat in Santa Eulalia. From the marina in Santa Eulalia, we boarded a skippered yacht from Náutica Santa Eulalia, a local charter company.

Charter a boat in Santa Eulalia

After admiring the gorgeous yachts during our slow cruise out of the harbour, we sped through the sapphire-coloured sea, towards hidden coves, historic sites, and sandy beaches.

Swim at Pou des Lleo in Santa Eulalia

Pou des Lleo

Horseshoe-shaped, Pou des Lleo, was our first stop. This tranquil beach, surrounded by colourful cliffs, has inviting turquoise waters and excellent views of the island of Tagamago.

Torre d’en Valls

Towering Torre d’en Valls, one of the island’s best-preserved defence towers, is even more imposing when viewed from the sea. This 17th-century tower was built to protect the island against pirate attacks.

Torre de'n Valls Charter a boat in Santa Eulalia


The most northern resort area on the island of Ibiza, Portinatx is a collection of three spectacular beaches – S’Arenal Petit, S’Arenal Gran, and Platja Es Port. The family-friendly beaches, clear water, and scenic coastline make Portinatx a popular destination.

charter a boat in Santa Eulalia visit Portinatx

When arriving by sea from Santa Eulalia, Portinatx’s majestic black and white striped lighthouse known as ‘Far del Moscarter’, looms on the horizon. This fully automated lighthouse is reported to be the tallest in the Balearic Islands.

Charter a boat in Santa Eulalia visit Portinatx lighthouse

Seeing the coastline of Ibiza, onboard a skippered boat from Náutica Santa Eulalia allowed us to experience the island from a different perspective, providing a richer vacation experience, and lasting memories

Charter A Boat in Santa Eulalia Travel Tips 

  • Visit the Náutica Santa Eulalia website or contact the company at [email protected] to charter a boat  in Santa Eulalia, and experience Ibiza from a different perspective.
  • We spent part of our summer vacation in Santa Eulalia, a family-friendly resort area on Ibiza. Santa Eulalia features a gorgeous palm tree-lined seaside promenade, mountain biking trails for all skill levels, snorkelling, kayaking, and much more.

Our recent visit to Santa Eulalia, Ibiza was in collaboration with the Santa Eulalia Tourism Office, and our experience exploring the coastline was provided by Náutica Santa Eulalia. As always, my opinions are my own. If I don’t enjoy a destination or experience, I won’t recommend it. 

6 thoughts on “What It’s Like to Charter a Boat in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza”

  1. What a beautiful way to view the beaches and historic structures.
    The colours of the Mediterranean Sea are very inviting❤️

  2. This looks like such a fun trip! I’ve always wanted to charter a boat at some point–it would be so fun to get a group of people together for a trip like this. Santa Eulalia looks like a great spot to do it too–you saw some great sights!

  3. This seems like a bucket list thing to do! I love Spain but I’ve never made it to Ibiza- yet! I hope to maybe this summer. I would love to charter a boat during my time there!

  4. Oh Look at those blue waters. What better way than to take a ride round the island on a boat. Are there beaches that can only be accessed by boat?

  5. Chartering a boat in Ibiza? Count me in! That sounds marvelous. I’d love to spend an afternoon just cruising along and enjoying the beautiful water with some friends!

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