Review: BusinessFirst on a United Airlines 787 Dreamliner

BusinessFirst on a united airlines 787 dreamliner

On our last family trip to Asia, we flew BusinessFirst on a United Airlines 787 Dreamliner from San Francisco to Osaka, Japan. This innovative Boeing 787 airplane was engineered to reduce jet-lag and the 12-hour flight to Osaka, not to mention the 17-hour time change, seemed like an excellent opportunity to test this out.

United Airlines BusinessFirst Cabin and Seats

The light-filled United BusinessFirst cabin has six rows with a 2x2x2 configuration and access to three lavatories (one in the front and two in the middle of the cabin).

Cabin BusinessFirst on a United Airlines 787 Dreamliner

Large windows allow loads of light into the cabin and with the push of a button, the windows transition from light to dark – no old-school window shades on this state-of-the-art airplane.

seats BusinessFirst United Airlines 787 Dreamliner

Each BusinessFirst seat on United Airlines 787 Dreamliner is 52.3 cm (20.6 in.) wide with a 198 cm (78 in.) seat pitch and converts to a lie-flat bed complete with pillow and duvet.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner innovations include increased humidity and air pressure inside the cabin, as well as improved air filtration – all designed to enhance passenger comfort throughout the flight. After over 12 hours of flying, we landed in Osaka feeling better than expected. We checked into our hotel around 6 p.m. local time and felt well enough to go for a walk and out for dinner.

Inflight Dining and Drinks

The multi-page food and beverage menu included a general description of the Champagne and wines (Old World, New World, and regional) offered to BusinessFirst passengers but did not list the specific beverages served on the flight to Osaka. Instead, flight attendants provided passengers with information on the drink selection.

The dining menu, printed in English and Japanese, featured items made with seasonal and locally sourced ingredients. Since we were on our way to Japan, the menu included a selection of Japanese items including sushi, chicken katsu (cutlet), and pickled daikon radish along with standard offerings e.g beef short ribs and ice cream.


After dinner, the dark and quiet United BusinessFirst 787 Dreamliner cabin was a comfortable environment for sleep, relaxation, or a movie binge via United’s in-flight entertainment system known as United Private Screening.

Amenity Kit

BusinessFirst passengers on the United Airlines Dreamliner receive unique and well-stocked amenity kits with fun striped socks, awarding-winning Cowshed skin care products, comfortable cotton eye shades, tissues, mints, a comb, a pen, and tooth care products. Itchy synthetic eye covers are the standard offered by many airlines, but not in BusinessFirst on United.

Amenity kit BusinessFirst on a United Airlines Dreamliner

BusinessFirst on a United Airlines 787 Dreamliner – Travel Tips

  • I used Aeroplan reward points to book four BusinessFirst tickets on the United 787 Dreamliner.

Have you ever flown in Economy, Economy Plus, or BusinessFirst on a United Airlines 787 Dreamliner? Did you enjoy the flight?


10 thoughts on “Review: BusinessFirst on a United Airlines 787 Dreamliner”

  1. That is amazing. It looks like a comfortable journey. I have only flown business class but it was on a 4-hour flight. Flying first class on a long haul flight is at the top of my list. Did you have a good sleep ? I always find it impossible to sleep in economy.

  2. That looks a very comfortable way to travel. I don’t fly business class often but it’s such a treat when you do. On long haul we usually aim for a flight that arrives in the evening or at night so we get to our hotel and sleep that way we’re good to go the next day, if I arrive in the morning my body clock ends up in a mess.

  3. What perfect timing! We’re looking at travelling to Japan as we speak. This is a luxurious-looking business class on United. Seems like it’s the way to travel across the Pacific for sure!

  4. I love that the windows transition from light to dark with the push of a button! I work for a large US airline and am lucky to be able to fly business frequently. It makes such a difference on long haul flights!

  5. I haven’t flown United in forever. Ever since we moved to the UK, we stick with British Airways and its American partner, American Airlines. That amenity kit looks better than the average for even business class.

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