Why You Should Consider Booking An AmaWaterways Family River Cruise

Mom son AmaWaterways family river cruise

Once the almost exclusive domain of retirees, river cruising is now a vacation option for families, millennials, as well as older travelers. Family-owned and operated AmaWaterways is at the forefront of this evolution, offering onboard spin classes, active excursions, and interconnecting staterooms for families that prefer to stay together. My family spent a week sailing down the Rhine River with AmaWaterways – it was an incredible experience. Here are a few reasons why we loved cruising with AmaWaterways, and why you should consider an AmaWaterways family river cruise.

River Cruising is A Convenient Way to Travel as a Family

On a river cruise, you can unpack once and effortlessly travel through multiple countries. I can’t imagine a more convenient way for families to travel. There are no worries about unpacking and repacking suitcases at each stop, navigating unfamiliar roads, rushing to catch trains or dealing with airport security. Instead, you can relax, spend quality time together, and immerse yourself in each destination.

AmaKristina AmaWaterways family river cruise

We boarded AmaWaterways’ AmaKristina ship in Amsterdam and experienced four European countries with ease during our week-long family vacation. It was the easiest multi-country family vacation ever!

Delicious All-Inclusive Food Onboard AmaWaterways

As a mom of athletic teenage boys, sourcing nourishing food is a priority when we travel. I had no need to worry about the quality (or quantity) of food onboard AmaWaterways. The diverse, delicious, and all-inclusive food and drinks catered to a variety of passengers. Hungry teens could choose burgers, pizza, and pasta. Gluten-free diners were offered specially-prepared menu items. And adults enjoyed a destination-inspired menu in addition to the expansive buffet.

Family-Style Accommodation

Traveling families that want to stay together can choose inter-connecting staterooms on select AmaWaterways cruises. It was the perfect set-up for our family of four. And three-person families can stay together in a suite.

AmaWaterways family river cruise stateroom balcony

River Cruising Offers a Unique Perspective

Whether you are a veteran traveler or a first-time visitor to a destination, experiencing it from the river offers a unique perspective. While tourists typically travel over or alongside rivers in cars or trains, river cruisers travel along the river. This offers a glimpse into local life – families picnicking riverside, swimmers cooling off in the water on warm summer days, and barges plying the waterway – and an understanding of the economic, geographic, and historic importance of rivers.

Rhine River view AmaWaterways family river cruise

A Variety of Activities Onboard AmaWaterways

Morning exercise classes, an onboard gym, and a choice of three or four daily guided activities kept us as active as we wanted during the AmaWaterways family river cruise.

boy biking vineyards AmaWaterways family river cruise

The small-group excursions are classified according to activity level. Guests can choose a relaxed pace with minimal distance covered, a moderate level of physical activity, or the most active option. It’s also possible (and tempting) to relax onboard the luxurious ship. You can lounge in one of the luxurious common areas, or catch up on emails with complimentary WiFi and in-room computers.

Heidelberg Excursion AmaWaterways family river cruise

Travel Tips – AmaWaterways Family River Cruise

  • Visit AmaWaterways to learn more about the family river cruise offerings.
  • For families that prefer to stay together, the AmaKristina, AmaViola, AmaStella, and AmaLea feature connecting staterooms and triple occupancy accommodations.
  • Be sure to download the myAmaCruise app before you sail.. You can use the app to read about the daily program, shore excursions, and track your trip.
  • Children must be at least four years old to sail on an AmaWaterways’ family river cruise. On our cruise, all of the children were teenagers.
  • Finally, read these tips for flying with kids designed to help you get to and from your AmaWaterways family river cruise with ease.

Take a Peek – AmaWaterways Family River Cruise Video

We enjoyed a media rate on the AmaWaterways family river cruise. But, if I don’t love an experience, I won’t recommend it.

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