Review: Business Class on Asiana Airlines

Champagne Business Class on Asiana Airlines

During our last family vacation through Asia, we flew on five different airlines, including Asiana, a Korean-based airline and current recipient of the Skytrax Certified 5-Star Airline Rating – awarded to only eight airlines in 2016.

We flew from Seoul, Korea to Bangkok, Thailand and were impressed with the personal and professional service throughout the almost six-hour flight.


The flight crew took the time to welcome each Business Class passenger and offer a pre-flight beverage. I selected a lovely champagne.

Champagne Business Class on Asiana Airlines

Flight attendants circled the cabin pre-flight, topping up glasses. The wine selection with dinner was excellent – no one was thirsty on this flight!


In-flight food choices included Western and Korean food. I selected an Asian-inspired rice and chicken entree with a garden salad and delicious berry-flavoured dessert.

Asian meal Business Class on Asiana Airlines

Business Class Cabin and Seats

The spacious Business Cabin on the Asiana Airlines A330 offered five rows of seats configured in a 2x2x2 arrangement and access to four lavatories (two in the front and two in the rear).

Seats Business Class on Asiana Airlines

The angle-flat seats in Business Class on the Asiana Airlines A330 were comfortable for relaxing, dining, and watching a movie, but did not become flat enough for a decent sleep on the evening flight from Korea to Thailand.


Before flying Business Class on Asiana Airlines from Seoul to Bangkok, we relaxed in the spacious Asiana Business Class Lounge in Incheon’s (ICN) Main Terminal. From the reception area, two wings stretch in opposite directions – both lounge spaces offer a hot and cold buffet, bar, and variety of seating areas. We selected the light-filled lounge area on the right side of reception.


Good to Know

  • The Asiana Airlines A330 aircraft flying between Seoul and Bangkok offered two classes of service – Business and Economy.
  • Asiana offers a superior Business Class product with fully lie-flat seats known as Business Smartium. Be sure to check the aircraft and seating options before you book your ticket if you want to book the Business Smartium Class.
  • Business Class passengers received slippers, a blanket, pillow, and full-size headphones.
  • I used Aeroplan points to book tickets in Business Class on Asiana Airlines.
  • I wrote an article about Bangkok Airlines and plan to post about our flights on the remaining Asian-based carriers – Cathay Pacific, Dragon Air, and Lao Airlines – in the future. Please get in touch if you have any questions about these airlines.

Have you ever flown Asiana Airlines? What do you think of their product and service?

12 thoughts on “Review: Business Class on Asiana Airlines”

  1. What a great review. I have never flown any further than to Europe (from the US) but I would LOVE to fly business class regardless. 😉 That food spread…holy smokes! I love the lounge, too. Most of my flights are so short these days and I really miss spending time in the airport lounges.

    1. LuxeTravelFamily

      Thank you, Melody! I agree, business class is nice regardless of the distance. The food was impressive, and so much better than many North American carriers. I enjoy airport lounges too. The SWISS arrivals lounge in Zurich is a favourite – there is even a small hotel room so you can shower and nap!

  2. Megan Jerrard

    Sounds like a great flight, will be sure to angle for business class when we fly through to Korea next year. I love airlines that offer a choice of in-flight food and offer various different cuisines – I actually usually opt for the local choice as opposed to Western because it gives me that first (or last if flying out) immersive impression of my destination 🙂

  3. Nice job on using points to book the flight! I have always wanted to book a business class flight with miles–I’ll have to look into that more I think because this looks like a wonderful way to fly! It’s great the seats come close to flat and it’s nice there are four bathrooms, too!

  4. This was a great and honest review! We haven’t flown Asiana yet, but I’ll definitely look into using them when booking flights since we live in Asia. I would love to fly them Business class just for the lounge perks! Well done using points for your flights. I’m going to look into Aeroplan now too.

  5. Asiana Airlines looks amazing. I’m quite impressed with the food selection and wines. Never heard of the airline, but would love to check them out the next time we are in Thailand. Great review!!

    1. LuxeTravelFamily

      Thanks so much, Rosemary. Asiana Airlines is popular in Korea, but they fly throughout Asia. Bangkok Airways is another option for travel in Thailand.

  6. I’ve flown first class twice, once to Rome and it was heavenly. However, I must say that the presentation of the food and wine on this airline is very artful. Nice.

    1. LuxeTravelFamily

      Thank you, Penny. First class is a nice way to travel. Asiana Airlines delivered excellent service and the food and wine was artful – I like your description.

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