How to Choose the Best City Hotel for Solo Travelers

red bus the best city hotel for solo travelers

I don’t travel with my family every time I fly, and when I’m alone, I still research each destination with the same level of diligence. But I have different considerations when I book accommodation. Here are some tips for choosing the best city hotel for solo travelers.

Research the Best City Hotel for Solo Travelers

I often check travel sites like TripAdvisor when I’m searching for a city hotel. When I travel alone, I read hotel reviews posted by solo travelers. To find this option, select the hotel you are interested in, click on the Reviews section and filter these by traveler type (solo). The results aren’t differentiated by gender, but you can get a sense of what solo travelers think and make some assumptions based on the reviewer’s name and details provided in the review. Here are the TripAdvisor solo traveler search results from the Mercer Barcelona. I’ve stayed at this city hotel several times when I’ve traveled alone.

TripAdvisory Solo Traveller reviews

Location, Location, Location

When you are traveling solo, choose a property in a central location with convenient access to transportation, shops, and restaurants. The neighborhood is always a consideration, but it’s more important when you travel alone, especially if you are going to be out in the city after dark. I use Google Maps Street View to look at the hotel’s location and surroundings.

Google Street View Showing Ham Yard Hotel London and Surroundings

In London, I always stay at the Ham Yard Hotel (see above). The hotel entrance is in a quiet, well-lit courtyard. For assorted drinks and snacks, Whole Foods Market is around the corner. And transportation is simple with the Piccadilly Circus Underground Station just a few minutes away.

Accessible Staff Hotel Staff

Find out if the hotel offers 24-hour front desk staff and concierge services. You can even call ahead before you check-in and speak to the front desk staff to get a sense of the service level.

In-House Dining Options

For solo travelers looking for an in-house social dining experience, stay at a city hotel with a cozy cafe or a lounge. At Bar Fiori at The Langham New York, solo travelers can choose to dine along the bar. On my first night at Bar Fiori, I felt like a local, chatting with the bartenders, sipping wine and eating rosemary popcorn, while I waited for my risotto.

Bar Fiori ā€” photo credit Liz Clayman

If you prefer to dine alone in the comfort of your hotel room, check to ensure that the property offers room service. Room service, along with a more social dining option, is an important consideration when I choose a city hotel for solo travel.

On-Site Gym and Spa

Look for city hotels with an on-site spa and gym, so that you can work out and enjoy a spa service without leaving the property. It’s a convenient and safer option if you exercise late at night or early in the morning.

on-site gym best city hotels for solo travelers

Find the Perfect Room

If you aren’t comfortable with your accommodation, ask the front desk to move you to a different one. Your hotel room might be at the end of a long hallway that feels creepy, or you might prefer to stay on a higher floor. Whatever the reason, if you aren’t comfortable, go ahead and ask for a different room.

Do you travel alone? What are your tips for selecting the best city hotel for solo travel?

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