Four Seasons Resort Lanai – Oh So Authentic

Swimming area at Four Seasons Resort Lanai

Four Seasons Resort Lanai – Oh So Authentic

Rest assured longtime Lanai lovers, after a top to bottom renovation, the Four Seasons Resort Lanai is more authentic than ever.

Swimming area at Four Seasons Resort Lanai

The staff’s love for Lanai and genuine hospitality continues to fill the resort with the spirit of aloha. And now, through a thoughtful redesign, guests of the Four Seasons Resort Lanai experience a deeper connection to the island, and it’s rich culture and history.

Gaze out at the sparkling Pacific Ocean from one of eight onsite restaurants and lounges. Stroll through an open-air walkway lined with fragrant tropical plantings. Wander into the resort after snorkelling in nearby Hulopo’e Bay – a protected marine sanctuary. You will sense Lanai all around you.

Four Seasons Resort Lanai beach path

Redesigned guest rooms contain bespoke furnishings, natural finishings, and decorative details reflecting the island environment. Guest bathrooms are stocked with Aina products formulated with kukui nuts, locally grown on Alberta’s farm, to cleanse and nourish your body after a day in the sun.

Authentic guest rooms Four Seasons Resort Lanai
Photo credit: Barbara Kraft/Four Seasons

Outdoor spaces throughout the resort invite guests to gather together or sit in solitude. Choose a cushion-filled sofa near a koi pond, a tranquil cabana overlooking Hulopo’e Bay or a sunny spot in a plumeria-scented garden.

Outdoor sitting area Four Seasons Resort Lanai

At the Four Seasons Resort Lanai, art is used to share the history and culture of the region.

Interesting art at Four Seasons Resort Lanai

An authentic koa outrigger canoe in the lower lobby points south, toward the ancient Hawaiian homeland of Tahiti. Black and white photos depicting the island’s history line an open-air stairwell, whispering the story of Lanai to all who listen.

Four Seasons Resort Lanai outrigger canoe lower lobby

The Four Seasons Hookipa Cultural Program, where island elders share Hawaiian traditions, provides another opportunity for resort guests to experience Lanai’s rich heritage.

Know that from the traditional blowing of the pū or conch, marking your arrival at the Four Seasons Resort Lanai, you will experience Lanai, Hawaii as it was meant to be – natural, soul-filling, and authentic.

Travel Tips – Four Seasons Lanai

  • There are two ways to arrive on Lanai – by air or water. We usually take the 45-minute Expeditions passenger ferry from Lahaina harbour on Maui because it is convenient, relaxing, and provides excellent opportunities for whale and dolphin watching. There are also commercial inter-island flights to Lanai’s airport (LCY). Regardless of how you arrive, Four Seasons Resort staff will be waiting to transport you to the resort.
  • If you can tear yourself away from luxury hotel living, there is a lot to see and do on Lanai. Read about the incredible Polaris off-road adventure  and more fantastic things to do on Lanai.
  • You might enjoy reading about the cheeky rescue birds and other reasons we love to visit Four Seasons Lanai here.
  • Visit the Four Seasons Resort Lanai website for the latest offers or contact the resort at 1 (808) 565-2000 to make a reservation.

I enjoyed a media rate during my most recent visit to the Four Seasons Resort Lanai, but my opinions are my own. If I don’t love a resort, I won’t recommend it.


17 thoughts on “Four Seasons Resort Lanai – Oh So Authentic”

  1. One of the loveliest hotels I’ve stayed at. I was there before the new, more picturesque pool was finished. It matches the wild setting beautifully now. Happy with your vicarious return trip.

    1. LuxeTravelFamily

      Thank you so much for the comment, Elaine. Yes, the resort really does match the island’s wild setting. I think you would enjoy a return trip too!

  2. Michele Peterson ( A Taste for Travel)

    The outrigger canoe in the lobby is a very cool touch. I love the idea of seeing whales and dolphins on the ferry ride over to Lanai.

  3. I have never stayed in a Four Seasons Resort, but I think I would have to pick this one. It’s so great that it puts emphasis on connecting with the environment, culture, and history of the island.

  4. This sounds like an awesome place to spend quality family time in the lap of Nature with the comfort and luxury of the resort, something we love.

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