Discover Why The Four Seasons Hong Kong Location Is a Winner

Four Seasons Hong Kong Location Aqua Luna

There are many factors to consider when selecting a hotel including reputation, amenities, and location. When we chose the Four Seasons Hong Kong for our first visit to the city, we didn’t give much thought to location, apart from that fact that the award-winning hotel overlooks the harbour in Hong Kong. After getting to know the city we discovered that the Four Seasons Hong Kong location is superb.

Efficient Airport Transportation 

Guests at the Four Seasons Hong Kong can take the convenient Airport Express, one of the world’s leading airport railway systems, to Hong Kong Station located beneath the hotel. The train journey takes approximately 24 minutes, and you can relax in cushioned chairs and access complimentary WiFi during the trip.

Upon departure, airline passengers can access check-in counters and often check luggage at Hong Kong Station (beneath the hotel), before riding the Airport Express back to the airport.

Four Seasons Hong Kong location Hong Kong StationFour Seasons Hong Kong Location Within IFC

From the Four Seasons Hong Kong, located within the International Financial Centre (IFC) development, you are minutes away from shops, cafes, and the well-stocked City Super grocery store. Don’t worry about forgetting to pack essential items if you stay at the Four Seasons Hong Kong. Clothing, footwear, tech gear, drugstore items, and groceries are available for purchase in the outstanding mall below the hotel. And after wandering through the IFC, home to over 200 luxury brands, you may be wishing you had forgotten to pack quite a few things!

Effortlessly Explore Hong Kong’s Central District

From the Four Seasons hotel you can explore Hong Kong’s cool Central District rain or shine using a network of covered and elevated walkways. Outdoor markets, alley-way shops, historic structures like the Man Mo Temple, and modern skyscrapers co-exist in this hip Hong Kong neighbourhood, located walking distance from the hotel.

Four Seasons Hong Kong location covered walkways

Four Seasons Hong Kong location outdoor marketFerry Access to Kowloon, Macau, and the Outer Islands

The iconic Star Ferry terminal at Central Pier is a few minutes walk from the Four Seasons Hong Kong. Ride the ferry over to Kowloon or take a Star Ferry tour of the harbour.

Four Seasons Hong Kong Location Star Ferry

If you want to explore more of the area, ferries to Macau and the outlying islands depart from terminals located at the Central Pier, right in front of the Four Seasons Hong Kong.

Four Seasons Hong Kong Location Offers Convenient Access to The Peak

The Peak, one of Hong Kong’s most popular attractions, is a ten-minute taxi ride from the Four Seasons. It is so close, you can see The Peak Tower from the hotel. For spectacular views, ride the Peak Tram to the top – the tram station is a five-minute taxi ride from the hotel. If you have limited time in Hong Kong, skip the tram ride and take a taxi to the top. The Peak is the highest point on Hong Kong Island and well worth a visit.

Four Seasons Hong Kong Location Victoria Peak
View from The Peak

If you are planning to visit Hong Kong, read about our favourite things to do in in the city – you will discover where to buy creamy egg tarts, drink original Hong Kong milk tea, and more!

11 thoughts on “Discover Why The Four Seasons Hong Kong Location Is a Winner”

  1. When traveling, I love to stay somewhere that is convenient and offers a range of services to the outside world (like transportation!). I can definitely see why you love the Four Seasons so much!

  2. Thanks. Since we travel with the family location is usually one of the top two or three important factors when deciding on a hotel and I am aware of the location of Four Seasons and agree that it’s perfect and within easy reach of most activities.

  3. Lovely – we plan to relocate to HK soon and will have many international visitors over time. Sounds like if they can swing the financial commitment, the Four Seasons would be a great option to point people when they’re planning their travels!

  4. The Four Seasons seems incredibly nice! I am definitely interested in going to Hong Kong or Shanghai in the next few years just because my biggest travel goal is to visit all the Disney Parks from around the world! This would definitely be an amazing place to come and relax after a long day at the parks!

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