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When I was a child, I dreamt of becoming a travel agent so I could travel the world. Over time, my father convinced me that this career might not provide me with enough time or money to travel the way I prefer. My dad knows me well, and it was clear he hadn’t forgotten my temper tantrum at Howard Johnson’s when I was a young girl. Even then, I had an affinity for luxury family travel and, unfortunately, my vision of a vacation in California was not consistent with the family itinerary. I cringe at the memory now, but can’t deny I was my authentic self.

Fast forward to university and followed by work as an Economist, Negotiator and Business Development Director with a large healthcare organization. My career afforded me unique opportunities to travel to large cities and remote locations. Although I prefer luxury travel, this wasn’t an option in many small towns, allowing me to experience the difference between five stars and one or none. Yes – zero stars. There weren’t many places like this, but they were all memorable.

My air travel experiences are as extensive and varied – private jets and the first-class cabin on overseas flights to a single propeller plane in the Yukon with one pilot I will never forget. As we boarded the plane, he announced that his right jacket pocket held the key to the emergency survival gear. He went on to mention that a compartment in the left wing contained the emergency supplies. I spent the entire flight peering over his shoulder trying to figure out how to fly the plane…just in case I needed to take over.

Over time, I have realized that travel isn’t an option; it is a necessity. Having children hasn’t changed this. In fact, the desire to travel is even greater now because I want my children to learn firsthand about other countries and cultures. This affinity for family travel, along with the encouragement of a close friend lead to the creation of Luxe Travel Family. Friends and family often ask for travel advice and inspiration. Through Luxe Travel Family, I can share these stories. I hope you enjoy the adventure.

Please connect with me via hello@Luxetravelfamily.com.

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